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Tarquínio Verde


  1. Art. Art is everything that seems to be more than what it is. A tautology? Is it an worthless semblance? Not at all. It is simply what I have said – if you are able to turn an idea into something more valuable, than you have done art.
  2. Yell your truth like everybody has done before you! Troat like kid being born, secure that you cannot be wrong, and even if you are, you would be wrong under your own terms.
  3. Always remember that the greatest dishonour for the artist is to be unoriginal. It is better to fail at your own vision than to succeed copying others.
  4. There is no authority in art. This is as clear as an old theorem. In opposition to science, in art none agrees with the same axioms. As a result, there is not a single direction in which someone can be more enlightened than any other.
  5. The artistic expression is always a philosophical one. This means that a vision is bound to be political in some of its extensions. I believe that a system whose purpose is capital being held by few entities, is inhumane and stupid.
  6. The artist must not subject itself to be oppressed by some commercial entity that turn its art into empty capital. If those entities do not value the artist with a just contract, then the artist must cut the middleman and spread itself its own work.
  7. The thinker in me tells me that god does not exist and that there is no final purpose. The poet in me tells me that seeing beauty in the details is the final purpose. I say that the former thought me to see my truth and the latter thought me how to live.
  8. After having highly spoken, let us step down to the world of the only things that exist. Heed all who read this, that everything will be in vain if you do not love someone and you do not respect the rest of Man. It would be purposeless for you to try being an artist if you are not even a human.

Revision nº 1, 31st May 2022